Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amy is Getting Married

Love is obviously in the air, or at least across e-mail at Teas Etc! I am happy to share with the tea community that Amy Zhang, who has managed our China office for the past 3 years, is getting married this August 1st.

While I am extremely disappointed that my schedule did not allow me to attend the wedding we could not be happier for Amy!

A traditional ceremony will take place this Saturday in Nanjing, my all time favorite city in China. With an abundance of family and friends in attendence the happy couple will commit to spend the rest of their lives together.

Wishing the adorable, happy couple a life time of prosperity, good health and joy together.

We love you Amy!!

Pictures to follow as soon as I have them to share.

Until next time, Beth

Friday, July 10, 2009

Atlanta AmericasMart July 2009 Show

I was excited to set off for the July show even if I had to arrive several days early to complete the expansion of the showroom. Thank goodness Ward Sener was in Atlanta, I could not have gotten it done without him!

We completed the floor, moved shelves, arranged furniture, mounted images and created storage. I got all the displays set up and office stuff organized. The place looks great and we are ready to go to work.

I want to give Matt a big shout out for making the long round trip drive to get everything up to showroom, THANKS.

Our World Tea Championship awards are displayed. The vibrant, fun, Get Real, Get Loose line is front and center also showcased with the recently awarded "Best New Packaging" award.

Lori Saitz joined us in the showroom with the perfect companion product Gratitude Cookies. Lori developed these exceptional tea cookies from a recipe handed down from her grandmother and has packaged them with a "gratitude" theme creatively expressed in the packaging and the card inside that is a brief reminder of what we have to be grateful for with a place to make our own gratitude list on the flip side.

Lori has also created a new, healthy, "crunch" snack called Zen Crunch, I ate entirely too much of it while working the 8 days! This yummy snack was was recently featured on the Rachel Ray show, go Lori.

Spent time talking to lot's of tea "newbies". With other tea vendors on the floor and in temps we needed to set Teas Etc apart. As a direct trade tea source who also manufactures our entire accessory line we have the ability to supply large buyers with the capability to do FOB overseas, supply test product samples and do custom packaging and product designs. That sets us apart.

I happily spent a lot of time writing orders and recording product and private packaging requests.

Thanks to all who stopped by the showroom. 90% of all the orders placed at the show are already shipped. We are waiting on several private label logos to come thru and those orders will ship out quickly once the artwork is complete.

We will be back in Atlanta in September for the short show, which yields less traffic but good last minute holiday orders.

Until next time,

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chinese Teas at Trader Joe's ?

I am wondering if anyone else remembers Trader Joe's announcing that they were no longer going to carry Chinese teas? It may have been a global "product" statement but I am not sure so I am not quoting here. I know it was around the same time that the spot light was on Chinese product "contamination". I remember thinking it was a bold statement, and in my opinion short sighted and ill informed, particularly when it comes to tea.

Having never been in a Trader Joe's I was unfamilar with the store other than the raves I had heard from family memebers. So when I was visiting Maryland a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance to visit the Annapolis location.

Of course my first stop was the tea aisle, that's always my first stop. As I am perusing the selection's I notice a "jasmine pearl" green tea which strikes me as odd, right? I know that jasmine green tea is produced in China.

The image on the package looks like a typical Chinese pearl tea but states that it is a product of Canada? Yes Canada.

O.K. so we all know that tea is not grown/produced in Canada. Packaged in Canada certainly but a "product of" that is somewhat mis-leading.

So what's up Trader Joe's? Are you aware that you are in fact, even if circumvented, selling Chinese tea? Or was the swearing off of "chinese" form over substance?

More importantly, what is required for packaged products that are imported into the US? How does that serve US consumers? Especially those who want to know where the product, inside the tea bag that is inside the box, comes from? Is the origin listed on the package a "choice"? And if so should it be?

Feedback and thoughts are welcome.

Until next time, Beth